Portraits by


Portraits by



here's how it goes down:


hang out.




I prefer to meet in person, but we can also schedule a video call. Here's where we chat about your goals for your session, and you can ask me any questions you may have.

strike a pose.

By the day of your shoot, we'll both be more than prepared. You will have approved the final shot list and I'll have a timeline for the day, depending on what type of session you booked. I'll guide your posing in a comfortable way that doesn't take away from your natural vibe. Then we let the magic happen!

get ready.

Once you commit to your session date by signing our contract and making your initial deposit, I'll send you some planning resources to help dictate the overall vibe of your shoot. We can schedule a brainstorming sesh if you need extra help with this part!

show off.

I deliver your final digital images within 3-4 weeks and walk you through options for prints and more. We can do this virtually or in person as well, but I gotta say—reveal sessions at my studio are the BEST!

Here's a little bit about my overall approach and why it's more than just photos. You'll start to understand how much this work means to me and how I put in extra effort to make meaningful connections with you so that I can properly represent you in your images. You're going to really start to vibe with my client experience right about now...

I take this shit seriously.

session options

you deserve to feel like a bad bitch.

(because you are.)

Here's a little reminder about what type of photography I specialize in and who I do it for. You deserve this experience because of specific things I know that resonate with you and your needs. Here's another chance to see more portfolio images and really feel like I'm a good fit for you. You're thinking about reaching out, aren't you?

One size does NOT fit all.

i've got a few different session options so that you can choose which feels best for you. contact me to customize your session even more! 



  • 1 hour at my studio or Portland location of choice
  • Professional styling and editing
  • 20 digital images
  • Option to book a free brainstorming sesh for visual inspiration



  • 2-3 hours at up to 2 different locations
  • Professional styling and editing
  • At least 50 digital images
  • $75 print credit
  • Option to book a free brainstorming sesh for visual inspiration
  • 4 hour session plus 1 hour of stock imagery, best for brands and business owners
  • 2-3 locations
  • Professional styling and editing
  • At least 100 digital images
  • $75 print credit
  • Free brainstorming sesh for visual inspiration (required)



Like what you see so far?  Here's a final push about why you should be reaching out to me. You deserve this kind of service because of this one thing that really resonates with you.


It's time to shine.